Mingle Sequence Diagram Macro Plugin

This Mingle macro plugin helps users to draw sequence diagrams (using www.websequencediagrams.com) in their Mingle wiki pages. Any changes to the diagram will be tracked by the wiki history.

(Mingle is ThoughtWorks' project management & collaboration tool. Custom macros can be made for it by following the steps given here: Mingle Macro Development Toolkit)



Installation steps:

  1. Download the latest release file from here
  2. Unzip to a locally deployed instance of Mingle, at <mingle_root>/vendor/plugins. Where <mingle_root> is the location where Mingle 2.2 is installed.
    a. On Windows, this is the location that the installer installed Mingle at
    b. On OSX, this will be within the app bundle, at /Contents/Resources/app
    c. On *NIX, this is the expanded archive
  3. Restart Mingle instance


In your wiki page, type the following:


  1. number of spaces in the indentation is important for YAML. Each indentation level is two spaces.
  2. style and title are optional parameter for sequence_diagram macro

Road map:

  1. use AJAX calls to create diagrams from client side instead of server side
  2. show diagram syntax in tooltip